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VisionWorks Engineering Referral Program

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We LOVE solving engineering problems. So we’re always looking for new and exciting challenges to tackle. Let us know who out there needs our help, and get paid!

How it works:

  • Check eligibility of your referral (~ 1 minute)
  • Tell us about the opportunity and register/login as a referral partner (~5 minutes)
  • Introduce us to your contact (e.g. phone, email, or in-person) (~15-30 minutes)

You’re DONE! We then:

  • Connect with your referral and work towards signing a contract for a project
  • Complete a project with the new client, get paid, and pay you 2%-5% of the total contract fee
  • You’ll stay in the loop during the entire process through an online dashboard (see sample below).

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Referral Program FAQ

Terms and Conditions

Why is the finder’s fee so generous? Do you enjoy giving away money?
You can say that we believe in karma. What we give away tends to come back to us tenfold. Once a client begins working with us, they typically love us and we can count on repeat business. It’s worth it for us to get the initial introduction.
Who is a good referral candidate?
As a rule of thumb, anyone who needs to solve an engineering problem and is willing to hire outside company for help.
When do I get that check in the mail?
Once the contract is won, completed, and paid for in full by the client obtained from your referral. You will know the status of your referral and the date of estimated contract completion (once we win the contract) from the handy dashboard the link to which we’ll mail to you.
Can I refer someone at my own employer?
Of course, as long as you feel comfortable with the circumstances. We also want to stay far away from any potential conflicts of interest and will quickly let you know if we feel uncomfortable in proceeding with your referral.
Can I refer more than one lead?
There is no limit. For every successful referral you will receive a check in the mail.
How do I submit a referral?